New Releases March 2016
April 29, 2016

The Road Trip

On a cold morning February 3rd, Sandra, Bruce, and Carlos took up the road to meet with the Central West coalitions using the ELC Provider Portal. We wanted to meet face to face and hear from you about your priorities, pain points, and future plans.

On Wednesday afternoon we met with Gilbert, John, and Bernie at the Polk County Coalition’s Lakeland office. We shared the current configuration flags available in the portal. Some of the new features covered were the Map App as Resource and Referral option. We also discussed the updates to the bulk upload utility that can now “cut and paste” the EFS payment report and upload it to each provider’s document library. Another option sponsored by Bernie’s group is a feature that allows attendance coordinators to “edit” the attendance before they process it. This feature enables coalitions to be completely paperless for the attendance processing.

Thursday the 4th, was busy as we planned on a morning meeting with Lesha’s team in Lake County in the morning and go on to Tampa in the afternoon. We had a very good conversation with the group. Lots of information on how to improve the processing of agreements (contracts) and ASQ screenings. We walked away with a lot of new ideas from this very dynamic team. I will be listing all the requests made during all the visits with everyone to help us shape the next version of the ELC Provider Portal.

Had lunch on the road and got to Tampa around 3 pm. Hillsborough is one of the newest members of the ELC Portal family. We provided an overview of the portal and its functions to the group lead by Karen and Nancy. We met with Nancy later to go over her “extensive” list of questions and requests. A good meeting with lots of good clarifications. It was nice to hear from Nancy on how the other coalitions are helping each other to get up and running and answer questions in common. We had a wonderful dinner in Tampa crashed to a deep sleep in Pinellas.

Our morning session with Pinellas was sweetened with delicious Greek pastries. THANK YOU! We discussed new changes to the SR agreements, including the dropdown for curriculum and additional changes required for them. They gave us some insight into the additions to the map to expose the VPK provider profiles online. We are happy to fuel the next steps of the portal to become even more useful for all.