1 User Access to Multiple Child Care Sites
January 27, 2017

The Performance Funding Project

Through PFP we are bettering the system while making the process more efficient!

The agreement is a separate category in the Portal, it will show up in its own section on the Provider Dashboard page.

Once the agreement has been created just fill in the fields in the contract form!

  • Fill in the contract number
  • Coalition Name, Provider Name and Address
  • Attachments B and C are automatically included in the agreement or not based on the check boxes on the Contract form
  • Enter the Providers CLASS Score and date
  • Select the check box for the appropriate Tier and if they qualify for the optional additional compensation
  • Select the check boxes for the Strategies and Deliverables
  • Fill out the appropriate values in the Attachment A form

  • *Reminders

  • Go to edit mode and save Attachments B & C if included in the agreement. This will mark them as complete and activate Submit button.
  • Once agreement is prepared contact provider. Initial in selected areas, sign and submit!